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Brewhouse Lauter Tun

Brand : TONSEN

Product origin : JINAN

Delivery time : 30 working days

Supply capacity : 5000 SET/ YEAR

Various combination of brewhouse

Brewhouse is various in combination of vessels, of course to achieve the same four steps mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool, by special brewing intentions of brewer including wort output, wort gravity, sparging water, brews in certain time, brewing method etc. Heating way has Steam heating, direct fire heating, electric heating optional.

Steam heating Brewhouse:

*Function: Grain mashing, Lautering

*Interior Shell: SUS304 full welded; Exterior Shell: SUS304 full welded;

*100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield

*Interior Finish: Overall polishing to 0.2~0.4 μm without dead corner

*Insulation: Rock wool

*Heating: Steam (recommendation) direct fire, electric optional

*Steam Jacket: Dimple plate on bottom and side

*Dished top and sloped bottom

*Stainless steel top mounted manway 

*Side spent grain outdoor with grain chute

*360°coverage CIP spraying ball 


*Mash/kettle tun

*Lauter tun 

*Whirlpool tun

*Hot water tun

*Hopper with top manway

*ABB brand motor and Yuanen pump

*Glass or SS manway

*All valves and pipe for brewhouse

*2 stage Plate heat exchanger

*Steam Boiler ( electrical, gas, oil powered)

Lauter Tun:

*Constructed of SUS 304; Brushed outer shell

*20%~30% head space

*Insulation: Rock wool

*Thickness of insulating layer: 80mm

*Interior thickness: 3mm

*Exterior thickness: 2mm

*Steam Jacket for steam heating

*Mechanical agitation: frequency control

*Top mounted manway, sight glass optional

*CIP rotary spray device

*Liquid-level connection pipe

*Condensate outlet pipe

*LED light fixture 

*Thermowell for temperature, PT100 Temperature Probe.

*Dished top,flat bottom.

*Milled sieve plate.

*Bottom-located grain out exit, side spent grain door, automatic remove spent grain device (optional).

*Motorized Rake and Raise / Lower Rake with motor (optional).

*Leg height can be adjusted.

*Safety combination.

*Plate Surface protection, ribbon polished on welds.

*With all matched valves and accessories.

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