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Candle-type Diatomite Filter

Brand : TONSEN

Product origin : JINAN

Delivery time : 30 WORKING DAYS

Supply capacity : 5000 SET/YEAR

Candle-type Diatomite Filter Introduction:

Candle-type purifier in this series fetches in and digests the winding-type elastic purifier technology of German and unifies our national condition which has multipurpose. It is applicable to beer, yellow wine and various beverages, condiments, and other liquid medium filter. This machine has long life, good leak-proof quality, can withstand the high pressure, can lengthen the operating time, can be flushed pro and con, the residue can be recycled after filtration.


* Very smooth surface of elements,no trapped residues. 
* Excellent cleaning with pasty kieselguhr discharge with no residues in cone.

* Pressureless discharge of rinsing water to water drain.
* No wear parts,ease of servcing and maintenance,high economy.

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