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Craft Beer Equipment

Brand : TONSEN

Product origin : JINAN

Delivery time : 30 WORKING DAYS

Supply capacity : 5000 SETS/YEAR

Craft Beer Equipment

Usually if you want to make craft beer equipment, except the necessary raw materials such as malt, hop, water, yeast etc, you must choose a high quality equipment.

According to your actural demands, you need to confirm the capacity in one day, it determines your the capacity of your brewhouse and fermenting system. If you want a home brew solution. We suggest you choose 200-500L capacity.

After then, you must confirm the heating way in your situation. Choose a cost effective heating way which can save money for you. If the electricity fee is cheaper than gas fee, you should choose a electric heating way in brewhouse. So your brewhouse system must be as below,Electric heating way, 2-vessel in brewhouse

The next step, you need to choose a malt mill to crush the malt.Its not a serious issue.

This is the first process below

Mining system

A malt mill, with the capacity 80kg/h. Carbone steel or stainless steel are customized.

The second process is below,

Brewhouse system

Mash tun and Lauter tun are 200-500L in capacity, adding a wort pump and plate heat exchanger. The work platform is designed.

The third process is below,

Fermenting system

We provide you 6x200-500L fermentiation tanks, and 2 pieces of sanitation hoses in 8m length each piece. The yeast adding tank is 2-5L which is the 1/100 of the capacity of fermentiation tank.

The forth process is below,

Cooling system

The chiller will be 4-5HP, and the glycol water tank is 500-1500L connecting with fermenters by a 3t/h pump.

The fifth process is below,

CIP system

This is a sterilizer system. We provide a sterilizer and alkali liquor tank on a trolley. It's movable trolley.

The sixth process is below,

Control system

Siemens touch PLC control system is easy to operation.

All the accessories is necessary to connect with the valves and pipes.

All spare parts including valves, pipes and hoses are top quality, the using time will last for a long time.

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