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Main Features of Electric Brewhouse

Main Features of Electric Brewhouse

1. PLC Auto Control System, with HMI visualized operation; Brewing recipe can be created, and edited anytime via HMI.

2. Vessel(Mash stacked over HLT) or 3 Vessel(Mash/Lauter, Kettle/Whirlpool, HLT) Configuration.

3. Solenoid Valves, automatic temperature and time control during mashing and wort boiling

4. Frequency controlled Agitator/Raking Machine inside Mash/Lauter;

5. Sight Glass Flow Indicator to check and control wort speed and quality during lautering.

6. Sanitary Diaphragm Valve positioned before & after sanitary pump to control lautering process

7. Optimum design of static water mixture and flow meter to control temperature and the flow of sparging Water

8. Compact frame module Including platform; Easy operation and space saving.

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